About Us

What's going on you bearded warriors?!

Firstly... thank you so much for visiting my site and for taking the time to head to this page.

My name is Steve, the Owner and Founder of The Bearded Elite.

I live in South Wales, I am a husband of 10 years and a father to 3 amazing daughters. Yes, I am completely out numbered! Even our cat is female! But life is amazing. 

Alongside having the honour and privilege of making our amazing products for you legends, I work full time as a Medium Market Business Specialist in the telecoms industry. I have also previously spent 2 years as an electrics and gas engineer, gym instructor, motorcycle sales exec and over 7 years in the British Armed Forces serving in the Royal Artillery as a Drone Pilot/Commander and completing 2 tours of Afghanistan.

Unlike many beard care brands in today's market, I don't just outsource our products to a mass producer and get them to slap a label on it. The products are hand made by yours truly, using all the best ingredients in the market to offer you a unique, premium beard care product.

My main focus will be to always offer the best level of customer service and make sure your feedback is taken on board and I continue to offer the best products possible .I have loads of ideas and plenty to add to the collection in the very near future. I will always continue to grow this brand where possible to keep things exciting and always offer more.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you would like to know more about myself, the company and/or future plans, please reach out and ill be happy to share

Kindest regards,

Steve Davis

Stay Loyal - Stay Bearded - Be Elite