Jungala update.....

Jungala update.....

Ok guys, here it is....

As you would have seen on a recent post, the CPSR assessors have come back and they require a few changes to be made. Those changes? A reduction in the main essential oil used which made the Jungala beard oil and beard balm scent profile. A quite significant reduction I might add!

This change completely alters the scent profile and isn't what id initially had in mind. I could play around with some of the other essential oils used and put a little twist on it but ultimately... its just not the same! Its not... Elite!

The solution.... back to the drawing board on this one! I am going to completely mix it up and go for something different. Its a shame that the Jungala I had announced to you isn't going to come to life and make its way into The Corruption Collection but I have some really interesting ideas and I have no doubt you will love the oils and balms I have in mind!

Set backs like this happen from time to time and it goes to show the importance of getting products tested. I want my products to offer the quality your skin and beard deserves and I need to make sure its safe at the same time!

So, Jungala is still coming but it will be bigger and better and hopefully wont be too long!!