Beard Butters.....

Beard Butters.....

We cant explain how excited we are to get The Bearded Elite Beard Butters to you VERY SOON!

Maaaaan has it been a journey so far!

Deciding what type of beard butter we wanted to go with was our first decision. Was it going to be a whipped butter, or a poured butter??? Looking at the market, reviews, reading blogs, speaking with our customers and keeping a close eye within the bearded community, although whipped butters are very popular, it was the poured butters that came out on top. So poured butters it was. (Always focussing on what our customers want)

Then, it was onto trialling. We went through so many different ingredients, blends, ratios, cooling processes etc until we were happy with the product we created. How was the consistency? how well it soaked into your skin and your beard? how it made the beard feel? what were the immediate benefits? how does the ingredients help your beard and skin? how long does the scent last? and so on and so on!

Once we were happy with what we came up with, and man we were happy, we sent them out to loyal customers, ambassadors and beard reviewers to get some real life feedback. The feedback we received was unbelievable and for an initial round, it was better than we could have asked for. One beard reviewer even stated "you need to get this to market asap". So that was it, lets get this pushed out asap!

So, we detailed our formula's and sent them straight off to get tested. Getting our products CPSR Certified is not only the law, but something we would never even consider skipping (as some companies do) as it gives us that piece of mind that the products we are providing our customers are safe to use. CPSR APPROVED!


Next up, we found a rectangular tin with a sliding lid and thought it would make the perfect container for our beard butter. But, after some serious thinking, we decided it might not be the best fit so we went back to the drawing board. Also meaning we had to redesign the labels to suit. "Why?" you might ask... the tin wasn't quite water tight and even though its more of a solid product, the beard butter (if left in direct sunlight or in a hot environment) can liquify. So the last thing we would want is the product to leak and make a mess which lets face it, is less than ideal!

WE FOUND THE NEW TIN! Great quality and the perfect housing for our beard butter so things a looking good. We redesigned the labels and will get our samples this week. If these come back good, we get a but load printed, get ready for some photography and get them on the website and out to you bearded warriors!

And that's it... 

A very brief and toned down insight to our beard butter journey and we are so so close to launching!

Thanks for reading.

Stay Loyal - Stay Bearded - Be Elite

Team TBE

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