TBE Beard Butters

With 8 natural base ingredients, our TBE Beard Butters are packed with pure goodness! This product is perfect for making your beard super soft, full, conditioned and nourished. With its light and creamy consistency, it also absorbs into the skin very easily making it a great all round product. 

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TBE Beard Oils

A good beard oil should always be focused around rehydrating and moisturising your skin. That’s exactly what you will get from TBE Beard Oils. They absorb straight into to skin, providing it with the nutrients it needs to remain as healthy as possible. The 6 natural base ingredients used will also offer some great benefits for your beard, making it softer, stronger and long lasting. 

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The Bearded Elite Mission

We are on a mission to build a brand that is completely customer focused and always growing to fulfill the needs and requirements of our supporters. We are forever adapting and aim to offer the best beard care products in the UK.


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